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Eden Grand Residence —with more than 75,000 sq. ft. worth of facilities— was specially designed to offer safe, comfortable and inclusive access, which is ideal for elderly care. 

We have ramps for wheel chairs, railings in the hallways, support bars in bedroom's bathrooms, resting benches in bathroom showers and wide hallways, among others. 


  • Standard Suites

  • Suites with Private Garden (pet-friendly suites)

  • Suites with Terrace or private balcony.

  • Master Suites

  • Elevator & ramps.

Club House

  • Terrace and heated pool

  • Social Area

  • Dining Room

  • Reception

  • Waiting room

  • Administrative office

  • Industrial kitchen

  • Cupboard/Cold Room

  • White washing area

  • Bathrooms for men and women

Multi-Purpose Building

This building is located on the west side of the lot. The main space of this building is the Multipurpose Room.


This room has more than 3000 sq. ft, great views of the gardens and has bathrooms for men and women.

We also have free covered parking and wide outdoor spaces for group activities.

A place made for you with beautiful gardens

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